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Elijah Wood

Welcome to my Elijah Wood website. I have decided to go with my own designs instead of someone else's. I think that's why I love creating web sites so much. I know that there are lots of other sites out there that are better than mine. But I don't care. As long as YOU, the viewer enjoy browsing through my site. ^_^


  • 12.30.03 - As you can see - I've changed my layout again. LOL.Sorry. I think that this one does him more justice than any other I've had before. The images page isn't ready...never knew there were so many images of this should be ready in a few weeks though, at least not the thumbnails part. Links to the directory page are available though. Also, the interviews page isn't up either, sorry. But that should be up right after the images are done. Okay, I guess that's it for now. Bye!


  • Color: Blue
  • Books: The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien and The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
  • Subjects: English and History
  • Movies: Star Wars Trilogy, Heavenly Creatures, Pulp Fiction, Braveheart
  • Music: Is there anything he doesn't like!? He's obsessed with music apparantly, so he likes mostly everything. But he does likes The Smashing Pumpkins, Massive Attack, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix
  • Food: Homemade Potato Salad
  • Actor: Tim Roth
  • Actress: Emma Thompson

Other Facts

  • If he wasn't an actor he would be a Secret Agent
  • He learns singing professionally
  • Elijah says that he is really interested in the film making process and would like to be a director one day.
  • He wears glasses but not all the time
  • He now owns the one ring and keeps it in a box at home
  • He loves animals
  • Elijah loves playing video games
  • To get the role of Frodo Baggins, Elijah hired a hobbit costume, went out into the hills with his friends and shot some scenes from the book.
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